Adventure Writings

Daniel Button

Quick Backcountry Hike 1-27-19

Mores Mountain

We love our local mountains, and the way they are managed. Having grown up riding the over developed, long lift-line resorts of New England, the resorts here in Idaho are a breath of fresh air. Don't get me wrong, we are still proudly born from ice, but we are in love with the mountain west.

One of the things we like the most about Idaho mountains is the freedom to explore them, from summer runs and hikes to going off-trail in the winter. Yesterday was our second time going in the back this winter at Bogus Basin and we had a blast. Mores Mountain is the peak next door to Shafer Butte and the summit can be accessed with an easy 1 mile hike from a shoulder on the backside of Bogus. The snow was crusting over on our way down. as the sun was also going down, but we still loved every minute of it. We'll be back for some more soon, and hopefully so will the snow-clouds.

2018 Fall Races - Ultra Season!

Collection of shots above from various races and adventures we went on over the fall in prep for our first 50 miler. Didn't get many good pictures to show from the actual 50, but we did get results that made us happy!

We've both been training with the Boise Billies since April of 2018, but did not start getting individualized training from coach, Matt Laye, until the build up for the 50, starting in August. Matt had us do some things we'd never done before, and we loved almost every hour of it, despite bonking a few times as we learned how to fuel on 4-5 hour runs. Without giving away all of the secrets; two of the big changes were back-to-back long runs and going by elevation as well as mileage/time on feet with our weekly goals. We can both truly say that, though the 50 mile race was indeed our longest run ever, we had 2 or 3 training runs that really felt harder. That's not to say we were banged up by the time we raced, because we actually felt rested and right at peak fitness on race day, with nothing to stop us from crushing it.

Speaking of crushing it, Sumner came away with the win and a course record as well as placing 5th overall in her first 50 miler! I hung on for 3rd overall after not eating a big enough breakfast (like a total rookie) and bonking hard only 18 miles in.