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I am a runner, skier and novice participant of all the rad sports my wife enjoys! I like to write, read, and hang with our dogs & cats. I love being married to my best friend and living in the Mtn West!

"Be strong and courageous. Do not fear... for it is the LORD your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.” (Deuteronomy 31:6)

Sumner Button

I am a runner, swimmer, snowboarder, rock-climber, adventurer, artist, lover of my husband, my dogs & mittens (cats), and the MOUNTAINS!!!

"And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose" (Romans 8:28).

2022 Schedule and Results

01/01 New Year's Day Fifty-Kay

Well, second year running for this and no less fun this time around! There were 3 finishers once again and a few others who joined for some laps and we all had a blast. It was one of the coldest days we've had since moving to Idaho in 2017, with single digits for most of it! The sun was out though and we had nice packed powder to run on, so no complaints.

04/23 MadCity Ultras - 100k

It's time for another big jump this year! Dan's going for it again at another National Championship, this time in some uncharted waters. Eek! Very excited to go after a whole new event. The winner takes an auto-spot on the US Team to Worlds in Berlin, but anyone under 7hrs has a good shot, so those will be the A and B goals.

Summer local track meets?

Contemplating throwing in some local meets just for fun post-100k. Maybe steeple and 5k for Sumner. It's fun being a touch crazy with training. haha

12/04 Cal International Marathon

We're both planning on CIM again in the late fall. Been far too long since we raced road marathons and we're both excited about giving it a go again! We'll look for a half marathon to thrown in during the build up, too.

Well, those are the big goals we've picked out for now, but for sure expecting some more events to fill in the calendar. Definitely will be supplementing training with as many local races as we can, unfortunately Covid has killed off many of the local races.

2021 Schedule and Results (Is Racing Back!? Sort of, maybe?)

01/01 50-K for a Cause Eagle, ID.

With the genuine fun in virtual racing and solo events, we decided to kick 2021 off with our own 50k run of loops through the local bike park trails. Ended up raising a few hundred dollars for the Boise Rescue Mission in the process. Convinced a few crazy runner friends to come join us, including a few who finished their first 50k runs ever!

04/24 Weiser River 50k

Put in a full marathon training block for the first time since 2016, with no injuries, and Sumner's Achilles is almost back to 100% as well! Those facts alone would be enough for a happy winter. But Dan cleared one of his other goals too in running a new CR and trail 50k PB of 3:03:57.

Not much to share from May-July, just lots of solid training miles and staying healthy!

08/15 US Mtn Champs at Gnar Gnar

16th for Dan and mid-pack for Sumner, not the day either of us wanted, but after a few weeks of grumbling we got over it. Well, more than a few weeks for me, haha, but Sumner had fun once she ran with the dogs after. Had a nice week in Bend after the race, with a hard effort up Mt. Bachelor that ended up being a ton more fun than the race.

On a side note... After years filled with lots of races pre-pandemic, I think I can honestly say that I enjoy the rhythm of weekly training more than racing at this point. I really like just putting the "A" race on the calendar so I can build a training block around it. With the two of us able to work on weekly training together and the Billies there to help push on workouts, it's just plain fun every single week.

11/06 Moab Trail Marathon (US Trail Marathon Champs)

The last race of the year! Sumner is going to sat this one out, opting to put in a half marathon block instead. She popped an 18:52 5k this summer after a few workouts, so once that endurance comes back some more, she should be back to where she wants to be! Next fun goal for her will be trying out some triathlons next year, starting with Olympic and probably going up to Half-Ironman in the fall.
For Dan, the result was a 7th place finish, not hitting the goal of Top 3 or higher, but this race was deep, fast and way under the previous course record. Many congrats to everyone who crushed this one, I found the technicality of it way beyond my skill-set, but pushed as hard as I could anyway. Pretty sure I want to focus on getting in at least one fast 50 mile in next Spring and a fall marathon block.

2020 Schedule and Results (not many races, but plenty of race efforts)

03/07 Les Bois 10k Boise, ID.

Dan snagged the 3-peat full of excitement for the year ahead... dun dun dun....

04/11 Solo Marathon time trial on the Boise Greenbelt

After realizing that everything was going to be cancelled for awhile, we decided to go out and make our own races! Surprised myself and ran a 2:34 marathon, with only company at the end coming from Sumner on her bike

05/06 Downhill Mile Boise, ID

After the marathon went so well, decided to see what we could do at the other end of the spectrum. Trained for a few weeks with turnover drills and short hill workouts and then went all out down a steep road in town. Sumner ran close to 5 mins and Dan ran a 3:52. Proudly did our attempt on the 66th anniversary of Bannister's first sub 4 mile.

Late Spring/Summer Boise Billies teammates put together a socially distanced series (Boise Summit Series) which was a lot of fun!

Dan managed to finish 2nd overall in the series, losing to local legend Jackson Brill. Sumner competed as well, despite still coming back from a torn Achilles

The rest of the Summer and Fall saw more adventures in the mountain and on the coast, and some really solid months of training.

2019 Schedule and Results

6/08 Sawtooth Relays with Boise Billies!

The Boise Billies smashed the course record!

6/22 Broken Arrow 52k Tahoe, CA

Sumner was 20th lady at Broken Arrow and Dan unfortunately had to DNF after some extreme weakness and dizziness on the first loop.

6/29 Dirty Dog Trail Half Boise, ID

New course record for Dan in a revenge race from the Broken Arrow DNF.

7/13 Cirque Series Alta Alta, UT

Sumner was 7th and Dan was 6th in the Pro Category, not quite the goal, but we had fun!

8/24 Cirque Series Sun Valley Ketchum, ID

9/07 Cirque Series Snowbird Alta, UT

10/05 Bogus 50/50 Boise, ID -

Dan 2nd overall, and Sumner with the W!