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Training Log

Seems fitting to keep a training log going for Broken Arrow, which was going to be the capstone to a busy Spring of racing, and now has become the sole [A] race left on the schedule!

I've been getting in consistent mileage and decent workouts for a about a month now, but just starting to feel like fitness is coming back.

4/15-4/21 Taper workout, first workout that felt okay in about 2 months, couple more easy runs and a few days off and finished with Robie Creek in about 2 minutes slower than last year, but actually felt like I pushed a lot less, confidence booster.

4/22-28 Mostly easy recovery miles around town. Friday hard uphill at Cervidae Peak with the Billies, quads still feeling the Robie sting.

4/29-5/5 Mileage coming back up, finally! And first time back on the track for Tuesday team workout. 16x400 on 2 minute intervals, avg. 71/72, real hard by the end with the 45 sec recoveries. Followed up by a nice 20 min tempo on Friday, working the heart-rate up throughout. Ended the week at MOAB! Finally able to run with Sumner again and explore new places; so needed and so refreshing and epic.

5/6-5/12 Rest day after Moab adventures and driving home. Than another fun Billies workout on Tuesday, teams of 2 hitting 4 miles together relay style. Ran with Thomas in 4-8-12-4-4. We didn't win, but we did run longer intervals than anyone else. Another slow feeling tempo on Friday in the Eagle Bike Park, ah well. Long run with Sumner on Sat!! <3

5/13-19 Boise Greenbelt long intervals on Tuesday 12-8-4-8-4 minutes from half to 5k effort. Working on keeping the mileage up and vert up up.

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Training Log

To start, I am behind in training! I started the year off with a walking pneumonia.... This turned into a muscle tear on my peroneous tertius & brevis. (I am so glad all my Yoga Anatomy training helped! ;)

Back to training:


20 min warm up

3 x 12 min uphill tempo

20 min cool down


This was hard because I had no speed coming back from my injury. I ran as well as I could to get through the workout. I ran on Peggy's Trail ...which was PERFECT for this workout !

It was really fun and I want to do it again with my speed back!


Awesome 8 mile run on the Greenbelt with my husband Dan.


It was an awesome day...walking the dogs, going to church, bringing the dogs to the Boise River, and running on the greenbelt afterwards.

I love doing 4 mile out & backs! It was especially nice because it was pretty hot out and the flat greenbelt provided some much needed shade from yesterdays workout.


7 mile fun run in the bike park!

<3 the bike park!